Saturday, April 13, 2013

Writing Class Books

I use these templates to create class books writing by my students.

You can view bigger images by clicking on each graphic.

We write in our regular journals daily, but once or twice a month, I meet with my students in a small group setting to write a class book.

Each child gets the same template.  You can do this two ways:

Using the writing prompt on the page, you can have them dictate the end of the sentence, you write it on lined Post-its, and they copy it.


Using the writing prompt, you can have them use their inventive spelling to complete the sentence.

Tip:  I number the pages with each student's classroom number.  I glue a class list inside the front cover of the book.  That list includes their class number, so it becomes an instant Table Of Contents!  Students can quickly find their own page in the book by just looking for their class number.
At the end of the year, it is easy to take the books apart and organize the pages for each child to take home.  I place all of the pages for each child in a folder and glue a cover to it that says, "If you give a kid a pencil..."


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