Monday, April 1, 2013

Post-Easter Shopping For My Classroom

Here is a photo of the great deals I got today.  I'll tell you where you can find these great treasures for your classroom below.

I started at Michael's where I found a package of these fun foam baskets, on sale 5 for $1.80.

I paired them with these cupcake toppers that I found later in the day @ Walmart.
They were on sale: 6 different patterns for 50 cents.
I got 8 packages so each child has 8 of the same design.
This will work for a group of 5 students and one set of cupcake toppers for me.
I use these to teach subtraction.
We act out 8 (frogs, chicks, whatever) minus 1 = 7; then we write the number sentence.
Then, we act out 8 - 2 = 6 and write the number sentence.
We keep going until we get to 8 - 8 = 0.  
When they are done subtracting all the different ways they can from 8,
the pieces fit nicely inside the basket.
Each week, I use a different set of fun things to subtract from each number 3-10.
We will use these fun foam baskets for subtracting from 8.
I'll post other sets I'll use for the other numbers.
You can also use plastic jewels and our subtraction number sentence pages here on TPT.  

I'll post more about my shopping treasures tomorrow.
Remember to check out the clearance sections in Michael's, Walmart, and Target's Dollar Spot!


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