Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Treat

Every year in my kindergarten classroom, we try to catch a leprechaun.  We set out traps, but we have never caught one!  He has, however, left us a bowl of white powdery stuff, a jug of milk, and a note that tells us to mix the white stuff with the milk.  Right before our eyes it all turns GREEN and creates a yummy treat.

Here is how:
(Don't do this if ANY of your students have any allergies to nuts as there are pistachios in this recipe!)
In a large, clear, glass bowl empty the contents of Jell-O brand (don't go generic on this on, it won't be white) pistachio INSTANT pudding.  I buy 6 small boxes or 4 large boxes.

Buy enough milk to make the recipe on the box.

You will also need a large spoon an little (3 oz) Dixie cups & plastic spoons.

Mix according to directions on the package.  It will turn green and thicken before their eyes!  Enjoy!  :)


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