Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Name On EvErY Paper!

This is the best way to get a name on every paper.

First, we sing about it.  (To the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"):
"Your name goes at the top.
Your name goes at the top.
Hi-Ho did you know,
Your name goes at the top?"
(You can change it to meet the needs of the project:  Your name goes at the bottom, or on the back, etc.)

Second, I send them to the tables to write their name at the top neatly, using the lines, and begin their work.

Third, I walk around checking for their name written neatly on the lines.  If it is, I use a scented lip gloss and put a "smelly spot" on the top of their hand.  They LOVE the tropical scents like pineapple and mango and this ties in well with the five senses.

One more idea:  Let them write their name with a highlighter and then trace over it with a pencil.  They ALL want to use the highlighter, so EVERY paper ends up with a name.  :)


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