Friday, March 8, 2019

A St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece DIY & Classroom FUN!

And It's Mostly From The Dollar Tree!

Click the image for the FREE rainbow activity.

This was so easy to make and cost practically nothing!

I needed to create an ice breaker type activity and I wanted it to have a St. Patrick's Day theme. My thought was to create a pot of gold filled with golden nuggets. I wanted to attach a little ice-breaker question to each golden nugget. The plan was to have each person choose a golden nugget, read the question aloud, and answer it so we could get to know each person a little better.

So, I headed to The Dollar Tree and I found a kettle shaped glass bowl, a sheet of moss, a roll of green glitzy ribbon, a bag of glittery shamrocks & gold coins, and a bag of river rocks. So, I'm in to this for $5 + tax. 
I already had black, yellow, and gold tole paint at home,  and some sticky-backed jewels.

Earlier in the week, I had already painted a little glass bowl green and flipped it upside down to create a little leprechaun hat. 

I embellished it with a hatband made out of black cardstock, golden fun foam, and sticky-back green pearls, so I knew that I could create a pot of gold with a little paint and some rocks. 

First I painted the outside of the glass bowl black. 

Then, I painted the black river rocks yellow. It took 2 coats to cover the black, so you might want to get light colored stones. 

After the last coat dried, I added a top coat of metallic gold paint.

I printed up some ice-breaker questions, but first I rewrote them so they all related to St. Patrick's Day in some way. 

I cut the questions apart into strips and folded them up so they were about 3/4" square. I used glue dots to stick them to the back of each golden nugget, but you can use white glue, Tacky glue, or even hot glue. 

I placed the black pot on the sheet of moss and filled it with the golden nuggets. I also placed some nuggets around the pot. I tied some ribbon to the pot and sprinkled the centerpiece with the glittery shamrocks and glittery golden coins & any other St. Patrick's Day decorations I had in the house. Let me know if you have any questions. :)
Click the image for the FREE rainbow activity.
For classroom teachers...
... who have their students create leprechaun traps, you might want to create a pot of gold and fill it with golden nuggets for your students to find in your classroom. Each child can take home a special golden nugget!

CLICK HERE for the FREE rainbow/color-word activity. 
CLICK HERE for the leprechaun shopping activity. It also comes with a black cat and snowman set too!

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