Wednesday, May 9, 2018

It's ALL Ending! OH, NO!!!

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Here is some of the recent feedback about my MOST Popular "Instant Writing" set:
(On sale for $4.80!)

Click the image.
This is probably one of the greatest resources I purchased. My kinder kiddos love when we do Instant Writing!

Thank you so much for such a great resource. It was complete worth the time and money to purchase this. I will get so much use out of it.

This is a great quality product - thank you!

Perfect for my ELD students!!!! Thank you!!!

Laugh out loud fun or serious support to reluctant writers. The pictures and words are a great!! Thank you!!

This is a great purchase. Very easy to use and useful for the kindergarten classroom.

You get the writing template plus....

You get 48 noun cards.
Click the image.
You get 48 verb cards
.Click the image. 


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