Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Get Lucky in March & Find Your Superhero!

A FREEBIE, A Discount, & A Mystery Prize...

Are you ready to feel lucky? Well, I have just the thing that can change your life! 

This was me:

I needed a Super Hero!

I started using ESGI in my kindergarten classroom in 2008 and I immediately gained:
1.  Instant data on EVERY student's skill level.
2.  User-friendly reports for parents & admins.
3.  Students who begged to be tested! Really! :)
to get started!

And, if you sign up for a FREE trial (no credit card required), your 60 day trial will be extended to run through August 31st! That's 5 1/2 months!

And, did I mention that if you use the code KFUN when signing up for your FREE trial you will automatically qualify for $40 off of your 1st year?

And, best of all, you will also automatically be entered in the "Pot of Gold" mystery grand prize drawing! 

This is win-win-win!

So, let's get started:
and sign up for your FREE trial.
Remember to enter the code KFUN.

Then, enter the names of your students, 
their gender, & home language. 

What, You Aren't Using ESGI Yet?
You will love all of the built-in tests available on ESGI's website...

...but if you need to use specific assessments, just reproduce them using ESGI's built-in test builder. You can create your own unique tests! They even have built-in fonts and graphics to help you. Visit their site and check out their video tutorials and see how easy it is!

Let's Get To Testing:

Your students will beg you to test them so they can watch their data circles fill up and turn green! 
You can test on a desktop, a laptop, or even an iPad. 

My in-coming students LOVED testing with ESGI.
The teacher asks the question seen on the screen and then clicks "yes" or "no" based on the student's answer. Easy, breezy, lemon squeezy!

And Then There Is The Data:

Incredible data on each and every skill tested.

This is why I LOVE the bar graphs:
If you click on the grey part you see the names of the students who did not get that question correct! Can you spell RTI??? There it is for you!

ESGI also tracks each individual student's progress. The grey circles turn green as each student masters the skills on each test. Your students LOVE to see their circles turn green, so they will often beg you to test them! 

Click the chart for more info. 

Then, There Are The Flashcards:

Individualized flashcards for each student!
I called them "skill cards" because I stored each child's cards in a sandwich-sized ziplock bag to use as a reference as to which skills each child needed to work on. 

And Then, There Are The Parent Letters:

These are so much better than any report card, so I just stapled the parent letter to the front of the report card because it was easier to understand. 
And there is so much more!

Sign up by April 10 and get in on the FUN!
You will get:
An extended FREE trial
A $40 DISCOUNT with code KFUN
A chance to win the GRAND PRIZE
CLICK HERE to get started!
Click the green shamrock heart!

ESGI saved me so much time, I was able to actually go home and take a break!


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