Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Almost FREE Alternative Seating!

Can it be? Almost Free?

So colorful!

How many of us have gotten new tires for your car and actually had to pay for the disposal of the old ones? Well, find yourself some old tires and your are more than halfway to making these adorable alternative seats for your classroom!

I lifted the top off of this one
so you can see that it's just a painted tire.

You can make them one layer or two by using one tire or two. 
I think the single layer ones would be the safest for a classroom.

I would go with a softer fabric for the classroom.

You will have to spray paint them first. 

The top was made with a large round disk, the type that's used to make a pedestal table. Cover the top and sides with batting and cover with fabric. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the disk. 
And I would finish this one off a bit neater than this one. :)

Cute, right? Just think of the cute colors you could paint them!


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