Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Snowman Tied One On!

Our Snowman On The Trashcan Strikes Again!

This morning we found our snowman next to the trashcan practicing tying shoe laces.  He had ribbons and bows all around him!  He also left us some red and white yarn so we can practice tying too!  

This is how we practiced tying: 

We used a long piece of yarn, about 30 inches long, so we could wrap it around our legs or our foot.
This helped us to anchor the yarn and allowed us to easily tie a bow.

Then we made bows for our live Christmas tree!

Once we learned how to tie, we cut a smaller piece of yarn and tied a bow to place on our live Christmas tree.  I have never seen so much interest in learning how to tie a bow before!

Our Snowman is All Ready For Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we will find our snowman climbing on the trashcan so he can decorate our live tree with some of his bows!  The students all look forward to finding him each morning and discovering what he is up to!

From Snowman to Writing;

We have been talking about all of the things our snowman has been doing:
Sitting, climbing, tying, drinking (Starbuck's), etc.  

That led us to a discussion about "ing" verbs.  We concluded the lesson with our "King of Ing" mini book.  Take a look at it by clicking the image.  

A fun mini book.

See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)