Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My GoNoOdle Sunglasses Hack

You can use any sun glasses for this: 

Were you all in Vegas for the TpT Conference? And did you visit GoNoOdle at their Cabana Party by the pool? Well, I did and they gave out these really cute sunglasses that came in brightly colored frames.
Aren't these cute?

I was thinking about how students would LOVE to wear them, but I don't think any of us want students to wear sunglasses inside the classroom, so...
The lenses pop out really easily.

I popped out the lenses and now they are PERFECT for Reading The Room! 

Your students will LOVE these!

Just add a pointer and a partner. 

One student wears the GoNoOdle glasses 
while the other student points to letters, numbers, and words around the room. 
The person wearing the glasses reads the words. 
Then, they exchange glasses and pointers so they each 
get a turn pointing and reading.

What? You didn't get a pair of GoNoOdle sunglasses?!?
No worries, use any pair of sunglasses.
They just won't be as cool as GoNoOdles'. Right? :) 

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  1. What a cute idea! I'm sure the kids who have tons of fun reading the room with those sunglasses!

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press

  2. I used the 3D glasses that you get at the movies and the kids totally loved them. The lenses aren't very dark so I left them on but Ithey eventually popped off with so much use.