Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Counting Book That Saved Our Thanksgiving Feast

At least it saved the classroom preparation before our feast!

My students stayed busy working on this counting book whenever they had a minute to spare during our feast preparation rotations.  Thanks to our counting book, our room stayed calm and quiet as students rotated through 3 prep centers.

I just updated this Thanksgiving Counting Book:

Click on any image to download these counting books.

You get two versions in one download.
The basic version allows you to fill in only the number that corresponds to the set of Thanksgiving images.

The 2nd version allows you to fill in the numbers and also the sight word "see" on each page.
 Both books end with a Thanksgiving feast:

Each book is 5 pages plus a cover page.

Use this counting book while preparing your classroom feast.

My class prepared a fruit salad, cornbread muffins in paper cups (baked in an electric frying pan), and butter.  We also served apple juice.  

My parent volunteer washed and sliced the fruit 
so the children could chop the sliced pieces.  
Chopping fruit with plastic knives on paper plated.

As the students rotated through the 3 stations, they kept their Thanksgiving Counting book with them and worked on it whenever they had a few minutes.  This made the entire food prep process run so smoothly and quietly.

Students worked on their counting books while 
the adult worked with each child to measure 
and mix their cornbread in their paper cup.

We measured the water with a measuring spoon that
 I bent into a ladle to help the children scoop up the water.
You can use 5-9 oz paper cups as long as they have 
the ridge and the air space at the bottom.  That keeps the 
cups from burning.  That's also where we write their names.  

Just set it to 375 degrees, place the cups in once it's reached 
that temperature, and put the lid on.  Bake for 15 min.

We poured heavy whipping cream into a jar, put the 
lid on tightly, and shook it until we heard 
the clump of butter swishing in the buttermilk.  

You can see students making butter and in the background,
a group is chopping fruit.  Each group worked for 25 min.
This is what the butter looks like once it has separated
from the buttermilk.  You rinse the buttermilk
away and you are left with sweet butter.

When we were done with the food prep, we put on our costumes and enjoyed our feast. 

When stapling the boys' hat to the band, be sure to 
only staple near the center front so the hat doesn't 
wrap around their heads.  I buy 10"X14" rectangular 
doilies at Michael's for the girls' collars.  

Let me know if you have ANY questions.
I'm happy to help.  :)

You might also like my new Christmas Counting Book.  
It counts holiday objects from 1-10.


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See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)


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