Sunday, October 27, 2013

Perfect for Halloween Week!

I just created this cute little Halloween book that your students can make this week!

This cute project is written in the the same pattern as Brown Bear and reinforces color words.

It's filled with loads of cute Halloween "characters" who end up at a Halloween party.

It begins with the black cat who sees an orange pumpkin, who sees a white ghost....

There are several "characters" and each one is a different color.

The last page says, "I see a Halloween party!  That's what I see!"  All of the characters are printed on the lat page!

This would be a great project for this week or it can be a cute gift to give to your students for Halloween.  Here is the link to the:   Halloween Story.

Speaking of Halloween gifts.  I think the kids will be getting enough candy and don't need any more from me, so I always give students a toothbrush for Halloween.  I know it sounds strange, but I try to get really cute ones and the kids LOVE them!  After our costume parade and witch's brew (room temperature apple juice poured over dry ice that is encased in a cheesecloth bag so the pieces don't break off and get into the kids' cups), I don't think that candy is what they need.  :)

So here is your question:  What do you give your students for Halloween?

See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)
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  1. I like to give non-candy surprises to my little ones also. I usually watch the post-holiday clearance sales to see what bargains I find to store away. This year my kids are all getting Halloween trick-or-treat pails. I found them for 10 cents each after Halloween and bought 45 of them! Other years I have stocked up on boxes of crayons during the back to school sales (when they are 25 cents) and given them out with Halloween coloring pages. One year I found skinny plastic pencil boxes for 10 cents, filled them with trinkets, and wrapped them with white crepe paper, added google eyes and they were cute little mummy surprises. A hot chocolate packet and baggie filled with Halloween shaped marshmallows is another cute idea...that I'm going to do one of these days when I don't find a post-holiday bargain that I can store away.

    1. I LOVE your ideas, Kymberli! The mummy pencil box sounds so cute! I will keep my eyes peeled for the after-Halloween sales. Thank you for your GREAT ideas! You rock! :)