Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Know What Happens On The 4th of Every Month, Don't You?

Yes, you guessed right!

It's my special day to post on Teaching Blog Round Up 
and I wrote an extra special post all about the 
fun you can have teaching about the 
5 senses!

Check it out by clicking

You can also see our newest product on TPT:
our 5 Senses Journal called

It's a 5-page students book plus a title page.
Students complete each journal page after they are introduced to each of the 
5 senses.

sample page

You will want to see all of the fun ideas on the blog post and then, get yourself a copy of the student journal to do with your pre-K, TK, kindergarten, or 1st grade class.

Here are just a few samples:
Making "Scratch and Sniff" name cards.

Our vision center.
So hop on over to Teaching Blog Round Up to see today's post and I'll see you all back here tomorrow.
Palma :)


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