KFUNdamentals is where we "keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals!" and where you'll find tons of FUN ideas to help you teach CCSS and foundational skills all while having FUN!

I'm Palma Lindsay and I taught in California for over 37 years. Now, I present workshops for teachers at state and national conferences, such as The California Kindergarten Conference and SDE (Staff Development for Educators) Conferences such as "I Teach K!".

Besides traveling and spending time with my family, I am passionate about ANYTHING related to kindergarten!  
My classroom was my home away from home and that's where the magic happened.  Now, I get to teach teachers and watch as they feel the magic that happens when we add "FUN" to the FUNdamentals. You can catch my workshops at the locations listed below.

If you would like me to present at your school or district, just email me and we will make that happen!

Below, you will find a list of my sessions and upcoming conference dates:

See you all tomorrow!  
Palma :)

Current Sessions: (Each session is 75 min.)
Building Academic Language and Literacy (Gr. PreK-K)
Build academic language and literacy for all students, especially English Language Learners, and easily integrate ELA standards into your science and social studies lessons. Palma offers new techniques and free templates that are firmly rooted in research and support standards-based instruction through integrated approaches. Explore project-based learning, language immersion, Guided Language Acquisition & Design (GLAD), and other ways to make learning accessible and fun for all students!
Building Independent Writers (Gr. K-2)
Independent writers can choose their own topics and write for the full period, and don't need constant direction from a teacher. Nurture a classroom full of independent, engaged writers! Palma shares engaging strategies that motivate young writers and gives them a reason to write. Discover how to make writing across the curriculum an integral part of your day.
Classroom Organization 101: Why Didn’t I Think of That? (Gr. PreK-K)
Discover organizational tips and tricks-of-the-trade as Palma shares many years of classroom hacks that have saved her time, energy, and space. Stock up on amazing ideas you can use at any time of the year, from the first to the last day of school. Get organized, teach more efficiently, make your life easier, and improve productivity in your classroom. These ideas are so simple and so easy to do!
Close Reading (Gr. K-1)
Come learn what close reading is all aboutand how easy it is to help your students dig a little deeper into books! Palma introduces a five-day plan you can use for any story. You'll have a classroom full of story detectives who look for evidence and proof in their favorite stories and informational text, listen with a purpose, unlock unknown words, and develop oral language skills as they share and collaborate.
Don’t Wait! Early Intervention Strategies for Your Littlest Learners (Gr. K-1)
Do you have students who demonstrate no obvious disorders, but just aren’t “getting it?” Based on current research and her own extensive teaching experience, Palma shares ways to create meaningful intervention for those students who might otherwise fall through the cracks. Discover how to re-invent instead of re-teach, take advantage of cross-age tutors and volunteers, and use a "Total-Body Response-to-Intervention."
ELA & Social Studies: Easy Integration in Your Classroom (Gr. PreK-1)
See how easy it is to integrate the ELA standards into your social studies lessons! Palma equips you with new techniques and templates that are rooted in research and support standards based-instruction. Tap into the power of integrated approaches, including project-based learning, language immersion, and Guided Language Acquisition & Design (GLAD). Social studies will become accessible and fun for all!
Emergent Reading: Climb Aboard the Literacy Train! (Gr. PreK-1)
Start your children’s reading engines with strategies and fun-filled activities that build literacy skills and a love for children’s literature. Explore classroom-tested, proven models and activities to energize students and inspire a life-long love of reading. Plus, you’ll learn how to develop concepts of print so all your young readers succeed. Please bring scissors and a glue stick.
Emergent Writing: Creating Successful Writers (Gr. PreK-K)
Get your little learners excited about writing and brimming with confidence! The tools, tricks, and activities that Palma shares in this session will help build their language skills and develop vocabulary. Come discover how to empower your students and get them off to a fast start on their journey to becoming independent, successful writers.
From Re-telling Stories to Writing: Instant Success! (Gr. K-1)
Roll up your sleeves and take part in fun make & take projects that provide prompting and support for re-telling stories. Learn proven strategies for composing sentences that will instantly turn ALL of your students into successful writers. Bring your ELA program to life with these creative techniques that will have your students begging for more! Please bring scissors, white glue, and a small box of crayons or colored pencils.
Integrating Curriculum: Teaching Smarter, Not Harder (Gr. PreK-1)
Integrate your curriculum to maximize teaching time, include informational text, teach to multiple intelligences, and meet the developmental levels of your learners. Learn how to incorporate literacy and math skills and content-area standards into all your lessons. Plus, add highly motivating centers where your students can apply what they learn!
It’s a Great Day for Science! (Gr. PreK-1)
No time for science? Integrate these great, interactive science lessons with ELA and Math and get more bang for your buck. In this make-and-take, Palma shares tons of hands-on activities for your students that encourage language development and teach the 5 Senses, Magnets, Sink and Float, Weather, Plants, and Animals. They are perfect for your ELLs and so much fun! Please bring scissors, markers, and white glue.
Keynote: Ingredients for Success (Gr. PreK-3)
Start your conference day with a big spoonful of motivation, a pinch of inspiration, and a handful or two of laughs and giggles! You'll be all set to make next year your most successful year yet! In this energizing keynote, Palma considers what is truly important when it comes to teaching and nurturing our littlest learnersand what is in the best interest of our children as we ride the pendulum of educational reform. Leave this keynote with a smile on your face and empowered to make a difference in this changing world, one child at a time!
Math & Art, Together at Last! (Gr. PreK-1)
What happens when you combine math and art? Unforgettably fun learning experiences! In this hands-on session, explore how to integrate amazing 3-D art techniques into your Common Core math lessons. Bring your camera to this make & take because you'll learnand want to capturenew and delightful art projects! Please bring a set of watercolor paints, brush, and white glue.
Math in the Early Years: Meeting Rigorous, Higher Standards with Kid-Friendly Strategies
(Gr. PreK-K)
It’s no longer enough to get the right answer. Now, students must have a deep understanding of number sense, demonstrate solid mathematical thinking, and be analytical problem solvers. Explore the standards for early math instruction, including what is appropriate rigor in the early grades, how to nurture a deep and intuitive sense of numbers in young learners, and which activities and strategies address analytical problem solving. What you learn here will shift your thinking about young learners and math! Please bring scissors.
Phonics, and Sight Words, and Writing, Oh My! (Gr. PreK-1)
Come and discover phonics-based activities, new sight-word projects, and writing techniques that will turn your students into writers on Monday morning. Take home terrific templates and an amazing handout! You won’t want to miss this hands-on workshop! Please bring scissors and white glue.
Putting Fun Back into Math (Gr. PreK-1)
Build in opportunities in your classroom to address the numeric domains while discovering the magic of addition and subtraction through manipulatives, technology, and techniques that make math concepts real. Learn how to develop conceptual understanding of numbers 110 so even your youngest learners will internalize the concepts of addition and subtraction. Bring your camera to this make & take session in which you'll create a new tool that will get your students composing and decomposing numbers in a snap! Please bring scissors.
Reader’s Workshop: Let’s Make Reading Exciting! (Gr. PreK-1)
Discover how to start a Reader’s Workshop in your classroom where your students will look forward to reading every day! Palma shares lesson ideas and tips to help you quickly and easily implement Readers’ Workshop techniques. Help your students become life-long readers as they develop their vocabulary, enhance their comprehension, and collaborate with their peers.
Teach Sight Words So They Stick! (Gr. PreK-1)
Take advantage of current brain research and tap into the ways students store and retrieve words in their memory. Discover lessons and activities that accelerate the pace in which students develop automaticity in recognizing sight words. Engage your students and make learning fun with these visuals, manipulatives, music, and games. Increasing your students' recognition of high-frequency words will make a significant difference in their reading and spelling accuracy and fluency. Easy for the teacher, fun for the students!
The Amazing Classroom (Gr. PreK-1)
Get ready to transform your class on Monday morning! Find out new and fresh ways to organize and manage everything, from crayons to student behavior to student data. See how to make every minute count, keep students engaged, and eliminate behavior problems. Palma's simple and efficient techniques are just what new and experienced teachers alike need to create an amazing classroom! 


Jan 13-15        CA Kindergarten Assoc: PK1         Santa Clara, CA
Jan 23-24        TN Pre-K - K Teachers                    Franklin, TN
Feb 2-3            CA Conf for Pre-K, TK, & K          Sacramento, CA
Feb 24-25        So CA Kindergarten Conf               Pasadena, CA
Feb 27             New Jersey Conf for K Teachers     Atlantic City, NJ
Feb 28             New Jersey Conf for Pre-K              Atlantic City, NJ
July 20,           "I Teach K!"                                     Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 2-3,         Tennessee Conf for K Teachers       Franklin, TN
Nov 30-Dec 1  Virginia Conf for K Teachers          Richmond, VA
Dec 4-5            Georgia Conf for K Teachers          Decatur, GA
Dec 11-12        Florida Conf for K Teachers           Orlando, FL


Jan 12-14         California Kindergarten Conf         Santa Clara, CA
Jan 25-26         Ohio Conf for K Teachers              Columbus, OH
Feb 1-2            Alabama Conf for K Teachers        Birmingham, AL
Feb 8-9            Pennsylvania Conf for K Teachers Harrisburg, PA
Feb 22-23        Wisconsin Conf for K Teachers      Brookfield, WI
Feb 26-27        Oklahoma Conf for Pre-K & K  Oklahoma City, OK
March 12-13    New England Conf for Pre-K-2      Manchester, NH
March 29         SDE Webinar (more info to follow)  Online
June 2              "PHD" Palma, Heidi, & Drew         Albany, CA
July 10-13        "I Teach K!"                                     Las Vegas, NV
July 25-27        Frog Street Splash                            Grapevine, TX