About Us

KFUNdamentals is where we "keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals!" and where you'll find tons of FUN ideas to help you teach CCSS and foundational skills all while having FUN!

I'm Palma Lindsay and I taught in California for over 37 years. Now, I present workshops for teachers at state and national conferences, such as The California Kindergarten Conference and SDE (Staff Development for Educators) Conferences such as "I Teach K!".

Besides traveling and spending time with my family, I am passionate about ANYTHING related to kindergarten!  
My classroom was my home away from home and that's where the magic happened.  Now, I get to teach teachers and watch as they feel the magic that happens when we add "FUN" to the FUNdamentals. You can catch my workshops at the locations listed below.

If you would like me to present at your school or district, just email me and we will make that happen!

See you all tomorrow!  
Palma :)


Jan 13-15        CA Kindergarten Assoc: PK1         Santa Clara, CA
Jan 23-24        TN Pre-K - K Teachers                    Franklin, TN
Feb 2-3            CA Conf for Pre-K, TK, & K          Sacramento, CA
Feb 24-25        So CA Kindergarten Conf               Pasadena, CA
Feb 27             New Jersey Conf for K Teachers     Atlantic City, NJ
Feb 28             New Jersey Conf for Pre-K              Atlantic City, NJ
July 20,           "I Teach K!"                                     Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 2-3,         Tennessee Conf for K Teachers       Franklin, TN
Nov 30-Dec 1  Virginia Conf for K Teachers          Richmond, VA
Dec 4-5            Georgia Conf for K Teachers          Decatur, GA
Dec 11-12        Florida Conf for K Teachers           Orlando, FL
Jan 12-14         California Kindergarten Conf         Santa Clara, CA
Jan 25-26         Ohio Conf for K Teachers              Columbus, OH
Feb 1-2            Alabama Conf for K Teachers        Birmingham, AL
Feb 8-9            Pennsylvania Conf for K Teachers Harrisburg, PA
Feb 22-23        Wisconsin Conf for K Teachers      Brookfield, WI
Feb 26-27        Oklahoma Conf for Pre-K & K  Oklahoma City, OK
March 12-13    New England Conf for Pre-K-2      Manchester, NH
March 29         SDE Webinar (more info to follow)  Online
July 10-13        "I Teach K!"                                     Las Vegas, NV