Wednesday, January 22, 2020

THIS is Genius! I LOVE it so much!

Do Your Students Get Distracted...

... by the Yes/No icons on the bottom of the EGI test screen? Well, here is the perfect solution:
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ESGI has created an easy-to-use "STUDENT SCREEN!" (Did I just shout that?) I am super excited about this because it allows your student to see only the test questions on a 2nd device! 
Sometimes, I can hardly contain myself!
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Your students will feel so special getting to look at their very own device and they won't get anxious watching you click "yes" or "no" or if you take notes. But they DO get to see their progress as their pie chart fills up and turns green at the end of each test. 

Give it a try now and see how easy it is:
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1. Log in to your ESGI account on the device you want to use as the teacher. 

2. On a 2nd device, go to
The screen will say, "Connected, waiting for a test to start..."

3. On the teacher's device, click on "profile" at the top of the screen. 

4. Then, navigate toward the bottom of the screen to click on the purple "Get Student Screen Code" box.

5. Enter your 4-digit code into your 2nd device.

6. Then, just choose a student and a test and start testing away!
Click the image for a step-by-step video.
When testing measurement, the teachers sees the entire question ("Which one is shorter?), the graphics, and the yes/no buttons, but the students sees only the graphics of the two carrots. 
No distractions! :)
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