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How To Teach Writing To Non-Writers + a Give-Away from DJ Inkers & a FREEBIE!

DJ Inkers Makes Writing FUN!

Students need so many skills before they can write...
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My last 3 years teaching was in a TK/K combo class where I taught 4-5 year old children how to write a complete sentence. 

I made writing tons of FUN by using the cutest graphics I could find: Graphics from DJ Inkers!

I'll explain how, but first, lets win some cute graphics from DJ Inkers & find out how to grab that FREEBIE...

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So, How Did I Teach Writing to Non-Writers?

We started at the very beginning of the school year by composing a complete sentence verbally with the use of my Instant Writing cards.

How It Works:

Click the image above.

My Instant Writing kit consists of 48 labeled picture cards of character nouns, 48 labeled picture cards of verbs, 48 picture cards of nouns of places, a writing template page, and a complete list of directions. 
My students loved the 
graphics & fonts from 
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What The Teacher Prepares:

The teacher copies one page of character nouns on pink paper, one page of verbs on green paper, and one page of place nouns on blue paper for each student. 
Click the graphics to see more.

In addition, each child will need one copy of the writing template on white paper. (I always kept lots of these on hand.) 

I also made  five copies of the "extra words" page on yellow card stock and laminated them so they may be used in a small group setting for many years.

Day 1:
The teacher calls up a small group of five students and has them cut apart their labeled cards and place them all in a sandwich size zipper bag. Label the bag with each child's name. 
Click the image.
Day 2:
The teacher gives each child in a small group setting one white writing template and one yellow page of "extra words" to use. 

The teacher asks the students to pull out one pink, one green, and one blue card from their bag and glue them to the corresponding squares on their writing template.
Aren't the graphics adorable?Click the image above to see more from DJ Inkers.
The students take turns practicing their oral language skills by creating sentences with their three cards and verbally sharing them with the group. (Students may take this page home to practice composing sentences verbally.)

Day 3: 

In a small group setting, the teacher asks each student to choose 3 more cards from their bag, 1 pink, 1 green, and 1 blue, and to compose their best or funniest sentence to share with the group. 

Click the image.
As each student shares his/her sentence, the teacher circles any "extra words" that child may need on the laminated extra words page with a dry erase marker. 
Click the image.

Tip: It is often helpful if the teacher writes the first letter of each word that the student dictated on the writing template to help guide the student when copying words. Often, this is only necessary for the first few writing lessons. 

The students write their sentence using the words circled on the extra words list and the labels on their picture cards. 
Click the image. 

When done, the students share their sentences with the group and erase the circles on the extra words page. 

Here is a quick video of a 4 year old child writing with "Instant Writing" for the very first time!

Days 4-7:
Repeat the steps from Day 3 using new picture cards and a new writing template. 

After students have used all six pink, green, and blue cards, they are ready to try this activity as a center. 

The Writing Center:

This time, when you copy a set of character nouns, use pink card stock. Use green card stock for the verbs and blue card stock for the nouns of places. 

Cut apart and laminate the colored cards. 

Copy the writing template on white card stock and laminate it.  

Place one of the yellow laminated "extra word" pages at this center. 
Click the image above.
Students place one pink, green, and blue card on their writing template and, using a dry erase marker, they attempt to compose a sentence. 
Many students have become familiar with the words on the "extra word" page by now, but I also used cross-age tutors, parent volunteers, and para professionals to help students if needed. 
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I hope you like the picture cards as much as I do. 
The cutest graphics are from DJ Inkers!
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Best of all, DJ Inkers is having a SALE right now!
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