Saturday, April 4, 2015

This Has NOTHING To Do With Teaching...

... but it's so cute, I just had to share!

I needed a baby gift, so I got some cute onsies and looked online to see what I can do with them.


There are millions of "how to" videos out there and photos on Pinterest. This is what I came up with:

They are super easy to make.
I added a strip of bubble wrap (2" X 9") inside each onsie to give it a bit more bulk. I folded in the sides like a burrito to make it about 3"X10", and then I rolled it up.

Tying these up with string reminds me of going to the Italian bakery
with my grandma to buy cookies when I was very young.

I secured each cupcake by taping wide ribbon around each one and placed them into cupcake liners. I added flowers and stuff. Sticky dots work great for this.

I had these cute Martha Stewart boxes and tags.
 I bet you could do this with so many things: baby washcloths, soft socks for the mommy, and even scarves for the grandma!  Have fun with this one.  :)


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