Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Now YOU Can Do This Too!

I'll Show You How To Make This:

By Using This:

And it was only 99 cents!

I found it at the 99 Cent Store!
Grab one now for next year and you can make this handprint turkey too:

A parent painted this amazing turkey for me back in 1992.  
You can just cut out some colored bulletin board paper for the background and have the students place their colorful handprints on it or you can do what we did the year she made this for me.  
Each child brought in one of their dad's ties 
and we lined them up behind the painted turkey to create the turkey feathers.  
It was really cute.

Use fall colors to create colorful handprints.

Stamp their handprint on the bulletin board paper and label with their names.

And stamp one on paper to turn into a turkey for their memory books.  

So stop by your local 99 store and grab turkey for next year.  :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and 
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See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


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