Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wait for it..... Ok, You Don't Have To Wait Any Longer!

If you have been waiting for our ENTIRE STORE to go on SALE, then wait no longer because....
wait for it.....
EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!      AnD tHeRe iS a FrEeBiE tOo!!       Scroll all the way down.   :o)
Did she say,
 "EVERYTHING is on sale?"  

YES, the entire KFUNdamentals TPT Store is on sale this weekend only!
"Yes, EVERYTHING is on sale,
but only for this weekend."

It's our BIGGEST SALE ever, so check your wish list and start shopping now because the sale ends on Monday, July 22 and when it's over, it's over.

Here are some of our most exciting best sellers:  (Click on the images to take you directly to our store.)

Writing templates for our Shape Books.  

You get these sample addition pictures and a template
for a student book where kids create a picture &
compose an addition sentence for each number 1-10.

Use die cuts & fun foam to complete this "More or Less" page.

Teach math & art through shopping!  

Template for writing about our National Symbols.

Child-safe & easy Batik art.

Raised glue numbers enhance this
Gingerbread Man counting & sequence book.
Great for teaching about characters & setting too.

Create class books with lots of templates for Monthly Writing.

Template for Career Writing.
Makes an awesome bulletin board for Open House.

Flower pot template & special directions for
successful bean planting.  
And our FREEBIE:  (You don't even know how much you need this one until you've tried it!)
"What is i?," you ask.  Well, just print, cut, and glue these babies into your students' crayon boxes and they will instantly see which crayon they are missing.  No more will you hear, "I don't have a red!"
Comes in 2
sizes for reg.
8-count box
& jumbo.
Have FUN shopping!  :)


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