Monday, July 29, 2013

Great Use For Those Penny Boxes: (Classroom Set-Up Part 2) & a FREEBIE!

You know those narrow pencil boxes that go on sale for a penny?  Well, this is how I plan to use them this year.  Instead of Zip-Lock bags to hold the kids' supplies for whole group carpet work, each child will get their own little box.

Inside, I can fit an 8-count box of regular size crayons, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a fine-tip marking pen, and a glue stick.

I number everything, even the cap AND the base of the glue stick.  Then, when we fine a glue stick cap left behind on the carpet, we know who it belongs to.

These boxes are GREAT!  They come in different colors and you can personalize them with paint pens.

If you use the small 8-count crayons, you will want to download, cut, and glue my FREE Crayon Box Organizer template into the boxes.  Your students crayons will stay organized all year!

If you use the Jumbo crayons, the box won't fit in these pencil boxes, but the Crayon Box Organizer template comes in both sizes.
Fits in jumbo size with a detachable lid or an attached flap.

You'll never hear, "I don't have a red," again!
This is the jumbo size.  They also come in the
regular size for the 8-count box.  

Have FUN setting up your classrooms!  When do you all start school????

See you here tomorrow for more of my classroom set-up  ideas. 
Palma :) 


  1. Where can you get the pencil boxes for a penny? The lowest price I have seen so far is 47 cents at my local Walmart.

  2. I got some at Office Depot at the end of the year. Loaded up!

  3. I bought some for a penny at Staples on Sunday, July 28. You have to spend a minimum $5 on non-penny deals to get the penny deals. They told me last week that teachers can buy more but when you hit the limit for regular people, you will have to pay the regular price and wait to get your money back for the amount over the penny price on your Staples rewards.

  4. I got mine at Office Depot too. The manager was so sweet and he let me get 32. Last year, I filled them with fun school supplies from Big Lots and personalized them with paint pens. I gave them to my students for the holidays. They usually come in lots of different colors too.

  5. Will you be making the crayon box template in the large 16 box crayon set? Our school orders those and this would be fantastic for the large boxes! Thanks

    1. The 16 count boxes have 2 rows of crayons, so a template won't work. :o(