Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beginning of The Year Start Up Kit

This Beginning of the Year Start Up Kit is AMAZING!
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This bundle includes:
~Colorful certificates for the first day of kindergarten.

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~A comforting note for parents to take as they leave their child at school on the first day.
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~Our Letter-Name Book for recording the letters of each child's name.
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~Our Daily Diary Book for recording the events of each day.
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~Boomer's Take-Home Book.

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Here is a more detailed description: 
Beginning of the Year Bundle:
This bundle includes our First Day of Kindergarten Certificate. Print these colorful certificates, fill in each child’s name, sign, and date them and you’re ready to hand these out at the end of your first day. These will be a lasting keepsake for parents. 

You also get the cute 1st Day Parent Note that I send home with parents as they drop their child off at school. 

During the first 26 school days, we look for one letter each day in every child’s first name. We record these names in our 26 page Letter-Name Book. When the book is complete, we keep it in our classroom library so children and read and re-read it. 

At the end of each day, we complete one page in our Daily Dairy Book. The students dictate and the teacher records what we did each day. There is a color page for the cover of each month’s book and one black line master for each month. You will need to run off enough copies of each monthly page to match the number of school days in that month. Once each book is complete, you can send it home with one child at a time so they can share it with their family. 

Boomer is our class mascot. Each Friday, one child gets to take Boomer home for the weekend and write about their experience in our Boomer Book. All you need is a stuffed dog. Goes great with the story, Boomer Goes To School, by Constance W. McGeorge. 

This $17 value is being offered for $13. We hope you enjoy it. 
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