Thursday, July 25, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Store Events

This is the time of year when you want to put all of these special Teacher Appreciation Events into your iCalendar.  Here they are all in one place so you can make plans to attend:

  • Joann Fabrics: Sign up for their Teacher Rewards Program, which gives you a 15% discount all year, then attend Teacher Appreciation Days on August 10-11th for 25% off your purchase.
  • Michael’s: Sign up to receive a 15% discount all year-round, and look for Teacher Events during the month of August.
  • Office Depot: All week August 11-17th is Star Teacher Appreciation Week. Most stores are offering a Teachers’ Breakfast with FREE filled tote bag on the morning of the 17th, plus you’ll get 10% off your purchases.
  • Office Max: Teacher Appreciation Days start in July for some parts of the country, August in others (check your local store); you’ll receive a FREE reusable tote bag and get 25% off your purchase. You can also have a higher purchase maximum on their special offers.
  • Staples: Their Teacher Appreciation Day varies by store, depending on your part of the country (since some schools start earlier). Most are on a Saturday in August from 9am-Noon. The first 100 teachers each day will receive a FREE Tote Bag and get 20% Staples Rewards back on what they can fit in the bag.  And while you're at Staples, pick up an Easy Button.  They come in English and in Spanish.  If the work is EASY for you, you may press the Easy Button!  This has eliminated all complaints about anything being too hard!  It's amazing!!! 
  • Big Lots: Teacher Appreciation Day is Saturday, August 10th. Last year the discount was 10% with school ID.  I'm not sure what they are offering this year.

1st Day Note For Parents:
Add a cottonball to this.

This bundle
has tons of
                                                                                    1st Day Certificates:
Just add students'
names & sign them.


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