Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Linda Clayton, Where Are YOU??? Do You Know Linda Clayton? Help me solve this mystery.

It all started at I Teach K:

I presented 4 sessions at I Teach K in Las Vegas in July and I met a lovely lady, Linda Clayton, who attended my session called "Math & Art, Together At Last!"  She liked the handmade beads I make with my students and told me that she met ladies in Uganda who supported their families by making the same type of beads and creating necklaces out of them.

The Saga Continues:

Two days later Linda left a little bag for me with one of the people in charge of the conference.  It had a beautiful necklace and anklet in it made from gorgeous handmade beads.  There was a note.  It read:

Beads from Uganda
Linda Clayton
(and her email address)

Aren't they beautiful?

I immediately emailed her to thank her for her thoughtfulness.

That's When The Mystery Started:

Well, the email bounced back as undeliverable because the email addy didn't exist.  I checked, and re-checked the address I had entered, but it matched the one Linda had left perfectly.

Time To Fly Home:

Once I was home, I tried to email her again from my laptop and the message bounced back once again.  So I contacted SDE, the organization that put on the conference, and I gave them her name and the email address she left for me.  They replied and told me that the email address they had on file for her was the same, but the domain was "" instead of "".  

I Thought The Mystery Was Solved:

So once again I emailed her telling her how much I appreciated her kindness and how thoughtful she was to bring the necklace and anklet to the conference for me, but...  the email bounced back.  That email address was not good either, so I am left with a mystery on my hands and I feel just awful that she does't know how grateful I am for her kindness.

What To Do???  

I tried a Google search.  Do you have any idea how many Linda Claytons there are?  There are thousands of them!  I tried changing the email address a bit, nothing worked.  So I thought I would blog about it, post it on Facebook, and even Tweet about it.  Linda Clayton, if you are reading this, please contact me.  I think you are so thoughtful and I appreciate the beautiful necklace and anklet so much!  I plan to bring it with me whenever and and wherever I present.  In fact, I'm wearing them right now as I am blogging!  

Linda Clayton, I hope I find you!
See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


  1. A true act of kindness that gave me chills. I hope she contacts you. I believe you will be lifetime friends. :)

  2. I do not know Linda Clayton! I'm so sorry, but that's a really neat story! And those are really cool looking beads!

    1. Thank you, Heidi. I can teach you how to make them out of colorful magazine pages. A great Earth Day craft and kindergarteners can handle this, really they can. :)