Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another One Of My Favorite Things

There Was An Old Lady...

Do you have lots of these books?  So do I and the kids LoVe them too.  Here is something that will make these books come alive and reinforce sequencing skills with your little ones.
There was an old lady who swallowed a....

1.  I make color copies on white card stock of all of the parts the old lady eats.
2.  I number them on the back so I know the order they should go in.
3.  I laminate them so they last for years. 
4.  I buy a clothespin bag (the ones that come with a little hanger inside) and decorate it to look like the old woman.  I found this one at The Dollar Store many years ago.  Use any decorations, pom-poms, lace, etc.  Just use a glue gun and secure them in place.  

Then, as you read the story, just have the kids come up and place the parts into her big mouth in the correct order.  The fun part is if the story says she sneezed or burped up all the things she ate and you can pour them out of the bag.  

Storage tip:  I keep the parts for each story in their own sandwich size zipper bag labeled with the name of the story.  All of the bags fit in the clothespin bag.  I hang the clothespin bag up on a hook and all of the parts are there in one place when I need them.  

Hope you liked today's tip.
(Can you tell that school has started and I can't post as often?  
It's back to my 10-12 hour days at school.)

See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


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