Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Name On EVERY Paper Guaranteed

How do I get EVERY child to write their name on their paper?

These are tropical fruit scents.

It's easy.  I use scented lip gloss.  Well, not on lips.  This is how it works:

You, or an aide or volunteer, walks around the classroom with scented lip gloss.
If you see a student's name written neatly on the line (no flying letters allowed), you rub a tine dot of scented lip gloss on the back of their hand.  We call it a "smelly spot" and you get one if you have a name on your paper by a certain time.  

I also love how it goes great with our 5 Senses unit.  The kids love it and will hurry to their tables and write their names just to get a smelly spot.  You can find them at the Dollar Store and I even saw some cute crayon-shaped ones at the Target Dollar Spot.  Have fun with this one.  

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Palma :)