Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Are You Doing For Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

2 Years Ago...

We celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. like this:

We decided to see how many different colors of skin we have in our class.  
Several students helped by placing their hands around a heart that I drew on a piece of construction paper.

They loved doing this and seeing how different we all look, but we are all still so much alike.

Every Year...

I make a point to serve my community by volunteering during MLK weekend. Several years ago, I found myself in Santa Clara, CA on MLK weekend. So, I stopped in at the CA Kindergarten Conference (currently called the PK1 Conference) to see if I could help them set up. I got to hand beautiful samples of children's art all day.
By the end of the day I was convinced that I needed to attend this conference. I had the BEST time learning and shopping! I have been back every year since and I have presented sessions there for last 6 years. 

This year, I'm presenting "Keeping Play In Your Kindergarten Day" and "Mother Goose On The Loose". I can't wait to meet new teachers this year and share my brand new "Make & Take" presentation on teaching with nursery rhymes. Here is a sneak peek:

We will be creating 5 projects out of one paper bag! Here is a sample of one of the projects we will be making. Jack & Jill are attached to a tongue depressor so they can travel up and down the hill. 

You can still register for the PK1 Conference. CLICK HERE for their link. 

Note: "Mother Goose On The Loose" is listed as being presented by Betty Jo Evers.
Ms Evers is unable to present at the conference this year. We will miss her so much, but I have agreed to take her place. 

I'll be giving away a few FREE years of ESGI. Check it out at and sign up for a FREE 60 day trial. Use my code, KFUN, to automatically qualify for $40 off of your first year!
Click the image above.

I'll also be giving away a "Show & Tell Apron" to one lucky winner. You can check out all of the Show & Tell teaching aprons at their website: CLICK HERE.
Click the apron. 

I hope to see you there!


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