Friday, January 13, 2017

This One Is Worth Repeating. "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"

We Did!!!  

You can leave these snowmen up through January!
And the kids got to "buy" his accessories! 

1st We Shopped...

Each child got the five parts shown in the FREE template.  (FREE template is found near the end of this post.)

Then, they came up to me (2 at a time) to "buy" the parts for their Olaf.  One chile shopped while the other child watched.
I cut out Fun Foam for the coal, the eyebrows, the mouth, and the carrot noses.
The rest of the stuff came from my craft supplies like pom-poms and buttons.

I set out 15 pennies and items from my craft bins which were priced at 1 cent or 2 cents each.

As the first student purchased items, he/she moved their pennies into a can (clank!) and I recorded the items purchased on the receipt.

When done, we placed all purchased items into a zipper sandwich bag along with the receipt.
Each child got their own bag with their purchases and receipt.

I sent the first child to get a new student to come and watch while I let the second child shop.  This way, the child who is watching is all ready to shop and little time is wasted making decisions. 

Then We Got To Build A Snowman...

The following day, I gave each chid their five Olaf parts and they got to put them together any way they liked.  They could even have him holding his head above his body!
They got to arrange their snowman parts first.
Then, they added the parts they bought.

Then, they used white glue to decorate their Olaf. 

I posted them on the bulletin board along with their receipt.

This bulletin board can last through January.  

The eyebrows can make such a difference!
The best part is that they got to use their math skills, but I also liked the fact that no two Olafs were alike!  Everyone got to be creative and construct their own snowman to reflect their own creativity.  
Each one looks different.  
Different eyes.
Different scarves and buttons instead of coal.

We also do this type of shopping with black cats and green monsters at Halloween time to create our "Meow Mall" and "Monster Mall" and again in February to create a "Valentine Shop".  I have more ideas and samples of receipts here:
Click the image above.

Here is your FREE Olaf template:

CLICK HERE or on the image below.


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