Sunday, January 1, 2017

Did You Hear? 2017 News...

Jo-Ann's Is Celebrating Teachers:

From Jan 1-7 teachers get 20% (instead of the regular 15%) at Jo-Ann's Stores!
And they have everything from glue sticks to stickers!  CLICK HERE for more info. 

A FUN Idea:

I covered my front table (you know, the one with my document camera, laptop, and anything I was going to share with my students during "whole group time") with different fabric each month.
I bought about 1-2 yards of fabric to go with each month or theme. My students loved feeling like there was a new feel in the classroom on the first of every month. 
Here is the red checkered picnic themes fabric on my front table.
I was using a portable SMART Board while we were waiting for the permanent one to be installed. 

Some of the fabrics included a red and white gingham fabric to go with my picnic them at the beginning of each school year, a spider web print on black fabric for October, and a "Frozen" snowflake print for January. Of course, the blue fabric with white stars looked great when we studied American National Symbols in Feb. and the illusive leprechaun left a St. Patrick's print for us in March! If you are thinking of doing this, now is the time to grab that fabric while it's 20% off for teachers! 
I also used the fabric as a background for their monthly photo that I put in their memory books. The first photo of the year was just a headshot. Other photos included the students dressed in their Halloween costumes for October, wearing a ski cap & scarf in January, or holding one of our baby ducklings or chicks in May. 
Just pin the fabric up and take photos in front of it. 

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