Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Super Sunday Super Bowl Sale + a Science FREEBIE for YOU!

First, Enjoy My Sale:

All of my MATH products are on sale through Monday! You can grab all of those FUN math products that are on your wish list during this 2-day sale. It's the perfect time to grab my...

This cute mini-book illustrates subtraction from 5. Click the image to grab this one!

"I Sorted By" gives you sorting templates plus the pieces to sort!
Click the image to grab this sorting set.

How about really digging deeper into the numbers 6-10 
Your students will gain conceptual understanding 
as they add and subtract to and from the values of 6-10:
Click the image to grab this huge set.
Here is a closer look at what you'll get.

You can also grab this addition set that encourages higher-level thinking.
This set of "Dotted Pin Cards" includes numbers as well as letter.
Your students will love poking each letter and number with a 
pushpin, poked through the card and into the carpet 
to keep their little fingers safe. 
Click and grab!
There are lots more math products on SALE, so take a look by 

Then, grab this cute set of Scientific Method Signs for your classroom. Use them all year long to explain the scientific method during lessons or simply posted up in your classroom. 
Click the image to GRAB THIS FREEBIE!

Aren't these cute?Grab your FREE SET by clicking the image. 

and enjoy my SALE!


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