Sunday, February 14, 2016

STOP!!! Save Those Little Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Boxes!

What can you do with those heart-shaped boxes?

Set up a pretend candy store right in your classroom!
Click the image to grab a FREE set of candy templates. 

Get your 6th-grade buddies to help make cube and cylinder candies with my FREE templates. The FREE set comes complete with photos of the tops of real candies so all you have to do is cut and glue!

Click the image to grab this FREE candy template set.

Make some out of light brown construction paper and some out of dark brown construction paper so you have light and dark chocolate cubes and cylinders!  What a FUN way to get that academic vocabulary in use! Right?

Let your students help "build" the candy shop by creating a AB patterns out of black and white paper squares. Use these to line the shelves. If you are using a small desk as your store, just place a piece of construction paper covered with the black and white patterns on the desk.  Add some doilies with brown candy cups glued on them and place the paper candy pieces in the cups. 
Click the image to grab your FREE candy template set.

And did you know that See's Candy stores will give you little brown candy cups? They will also give you little white bags with the See's Candy logo on them!  

I added a picture of Mary Sees and a photo of the first See's Candy shop to provide a social studies link to times past. 

So what do you do with the heart-shaped boxes?  My students decided that the cube candies were 1 cent each and the cylinder candies were 2 cents each. Students filled the heart-shaped boxes with paper candies and the "clerk" used a calculator, a toy cash register, or paper and pencil to add up the cost of the candies. 

After the "shopper" buys candies, he/she becomes the clerk and the first job is to re-stock the shelves with the candies they just bought. 

Visit my TpT store to find more "shopping" activities where students create simple projects and get to "buy" the embellishments. Directions and shopping receipts can be found BY CLICKING HERE.


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