Monday, December 21, 2015

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

I Love My New Life!

Did you know that my 3 favorite things are...

1. My family
2. Traveling
3. All things "Kindergarten"

Okay, I also LOVE Disneyland, ice cream, and shopping
(and shopping at Disneyland while eating ice cream would be incredible),
but we can't have everything, right?

I am so grateful to be able to travel across the country and present staff development workshops to teachers. 
I travel with a giant suitcase filled with tons of samples that teachers may photograph so they can make these too!

And I get to meet such great teachers who inspire me!
Exploring the properties of water with teachers at an SDE Conference in New England. 

Teachers having fun learning at one of my workshops.

Although I miss teaching little ones, it is so rewarding to meet teachers from other states and share ideas about kindergarten. 

And, did I mention that I also get to have fun and hang with some of my favorite presenters? We just had to check out the shopping at The Mall of America in Minnesota.
The mall was so beautiful! Did you know they even have an indoor rollercoaster?
And I also got to shop with Kathy Griffin in New Hampshire. We laughed so much!
This is an OUTDOOR mall. We were freezing!

What, no Ubers available???
I love flying and getting to see new places!

And when I'm done presenting, I get to return home to my wonderful husband. 
After presenting in Minnesota & New Hampshire where it was COLD,
my husband picked me up at the airport in So Cal in our white convertible!

We love to travel and visit our three children. And in between traveling, I volunteer at our local elementary schools so I'm sure to get my kid fix. So, what can I say except, "Life is good."

So, where am I off to now? 

I'll be in Santa Clara, CA at the California Kindergarten Association's PK1 Conference from Jan 15-17. 
Click the image for more info.

The best part is the Blogger Pajama-Rama Event which will be held on Jan. 16. 
Click the image for more info.

Attendees will get to meet lots of kindergarten bloggers, participate in several "Make & Take" activities, enter some very cool raffles, enjoy complimentary snacks, and they will each get a "goodie bag" filled with all sorts of fabulous stuff like a FREE digital copy of a project from each blogger! 

This conference is sure to be a hit. There is a one-day pre-conference, the regular PK1 Conference, the Blogger Pajama-Rama event, and their annual Children's Art Happy Hour! You can get more information by CLICKING HERE

Then, I'm off to Oklahoma where I will present one day, Feb. 1, at The Conference for Oklahoma Kindergarten Teachers and one day, Feb. 2, at The Conference for Oklahoma Pre-K Teachers.

Here is more info about both of these conferences:

I'll be presenting at this Kindergarten conference on Feb. 1.Click the image for more info. 

I will be presenting at this Pre-K conference on Feb. 2.
Click the image for more info.

I hope you can join me at one of these conferences. I'll post my Feb-March schedule soon.
Now it's your turn... What are YOUR 3 favorite things? 


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