Friday, December 18, 2015

How Cute Is This?

Love this hat:

So stinkin' cute!
And it's so simple to make:

Cut brown construction paper to 12" X 12".

Fold in half into a triangle and then in half again into a smaller triangle.
The construction paper square is 12"X12".

Open and cut one of the folds stopping at the center point.

Place one triangle that was cut on one side on top of the other triangle that was cut on one side and staple into a pyramid shape.

This is the inside.  Two of the triangles are layered on top of each other.
The tape reinforces the hole where the yarn goes.

Tape two spots at the sides where the yarn will go and punch a hole on the tape.

Add yarn.

Decorate with a red nose, white and blue eyes, black fringed eyelashes, and handprints or Christmas trees for the antlers.
They had so much fun making these!

That's it!
They loved wearing these hats while they worked today.

One of my kids asked today if this was the fox that ate the gingerbread man!

Thanks for stopping by!
One more day.  You can do it!  :)


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