Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Have You Seen These Custom T-Shirts?

You can design your own!

I designed a custom t-shirt for my blog and I had so much fun 
wearing in at the "I Teach K" conference in Las Vegas last July.  

Did you know that you can design your own t-shirt and you can even create a class t-shirt?

Check A+ Images and their custom T-shirts. 
Check out their site and see all of the possibilities.  
My favorite is the one where your students draw self portraits to create a class t-shirt. 
Click the image to see their site.

They have tons of design too.
They even have rhinestones!
Click the image for more info.

And Pre-School Shirts too!
So many designs to choose from!

LOVE their kindergarten designs.
Don't you just love the rhinestone crayons?

I love the class t-shirts!
Look at all the colors!

These make great gifts for all of the teachers on your list.
So cute!

So start designing and get your custom shirt.


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