Thursday, December 17, 2015

Easy-Breezy, FUN Stocking Stuffers to Make

Fun Gift #1:

Wrapped candy bars and movie tickets:
I made this gift for a family of 4.  It includes 4 movie tickets and 4 jumbo size Milky Way bars.

The fun is that I wrapped each candy bar to look like a snowman and each one has its own ribbon scarf.

You can even use a flat candy bar.  They work just as well.  
Wrap the bar in white paper.

Add black coal eyes & an orange nose.

Add a black coal mouth and a ribbon scarf.  Cut the ends of the ribbon with a blunt cut.
Add buttons and names.  You can even add a black hat if you like.
Give these with a set of movie tickets or a DVD
and everyone will have a snack to enjoy while watching the movie.  

Fun Gift #2:

Melted Snowman decoration:  This makes a cute package trim.

This is so easy for your kids to make.  I used Nespresso pods (cleaned out) for the hats, but you can find cute snowman hats at a craft store.  

Just cut out little black scraps for the coal eyes and mouth and an orange carrot nose from construction paper or Fun Foam.  

Pour a puddle of white glue onto some plastic wrap and let the kids drop the pieces onto the puddle of glue.

I made mine on a Zip Lock bag.
It takes about 3 days to dry and you might have to flip it over to get the bottom to completely dry out.  Try to keep it from curling.  

You can see how much I LOVE my Nespresso coffee pods.  :)
You can display it by just setting it out on a shelf or you can punch a hole in it and hang it from the Christmas tree.
I like to draw little curved lines on the Fun Foam carrot nose to give it a bit of dimension.  Just use a fine tip marker.

Fun Gift #3:

The butter knives are vintage, so they are not shiny and new, but I like the vintage look.  :)
I found vintage butter knives and stamped them, using metal alphabet stamps, with holiday messages to "spread" such as joy, love, peace, hope, and cheer!  

Here is a closer look.
I got the metal stamps, hammer, and a metal block online, but you can usually find them at a craft store or a bead shop.   

I plan to put these out with cheeses like brie topped with honey and sliced almonds.
I will also cut a brick of cream cheese diagonally into 2 right triangles, I'll flip one triangle so both right angles are
back-to-back and together they form one triangle that looks like a Christmas tree.  I'll top it with green pepper jelly!
This one is a gift.  
Here are my tools:  Metal alphabet stamps, a metal block,
and a hammer made for stamping with metal. 
I am also making some herb garden plant markers by stamping the names of herbs on the flat handles of some luncheon forks.  

I'll poke the forks into the soil of my kitchen herb garden and the handles will stand up by the individual plants. 

I'll post pictures when I get those done.  

OK, just finished them.  Here is a pic:

These will look great stuck in a planter in my kitchen garden window
with basil, parsley, and cilantro planted in the planter.  

I hope this helps to give you some ideas for giving this holiday season.
If you read all the way down to the bottom, please leave me a comment.
I can see how many people view my blog each day, but I rarely hear from you!
Let me know what you think, what gifts you are making, or anything at all you want to say.

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