Saturday, December 13, 2014

Perfect For Our Rainy Day...

Gingerbread Cookie Fun:

I found this gingerbread cookie dough at Trader Joe's.  We used only 1/4 of the dough portioned out for one cookie to make our gingerbread boys and girls. 

One package is enough for 48 mini cookies.

I used this cute cookie maker, but you can flatten or roll out the dough and cut it with small cookie cutters.

We didn't decorate them, but we did create a graph that showed which part we ate first; the head, an arm, or a leg.  
I made a diagram of the tray (at left of photo) to identify who made each cookie.

The kids LOVED getting to taste real gingerbread.
I placed each cookie on white construction paper labeled with each name.

Then we wrapped up the ceramic gingerbread ornaments we made out of clay. 
We are lucky to have a kiln at our school, but you can also make ornaments out of air dry clay.

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