Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Heroes In A Half-Shell...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

How cute are these?  You can use them as a package trim and they can be used for years on the Christmas tree!

I found these on Pinterest.  They are from

I Decided To Make Some...

They are a bit trickier than they look.  

I didn't have any of this nice satin ribbon...
type of ribbon looks best.
I would get some that was closer to 3/8" wide

... so I just used curling ribbon.
Red, purple, orange, and blue (I only had light blue, but it would have to do).
You will also need some google eyes.
    I glued the eyes to the ribbon with a low-temp glue gun.   Be careful, the glue gun can melt the ribbon.

Then I glued the ribbon to the ornament with the glue gun.
Which Turtle has the red mask?
Which one has the orange mask?

Here they are both on the tree.

I LoVe these!  I wrapped up four of them to give as a gift!

Mini TMN Turtles!
Here is the rest of the tree.
Have fun making these!


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