Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You Won't Believe What We Did With Our Handprints

We used them to...

... decorate our classroom turkey feathers!  And then we used them to count by 5s.

I have had this cute turkey since 1992.
A parent painted it for me.

I just added the yellow bulletin board paper to the back and let the kids place their handprints on it.
I labeled each handprint with their names.

We made two handprints.  One here on the turkey and one on the project below.

My students LOVE coming up to our classroom turkey, which hangs right at their level, and count the handprints by 5s.  Only a few of them can do it, but it's catching on.

We also made...

We made our handprint here first.Then, we walked to the turkey and placed our handprint there too.

You can use any color combination.  This is how we painted our little hands:

They loved how the brush tickled their hands.It allowed us to talk about our sense of feeling once again. 

... the traditional turkey handprint.  These will look great in their memory books.

I take their photo and add it to the memory book.Use the sepia tone setting on your camera (or phone) to make the photo look old.

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See you all tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Veteran's Day and 
remember to thank a vet.  

Palma :)


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