Saturday, November 15, 2014

What A FUN Way To Learn Initial Sounds

We Are Making An Alphabet Book!:

Each week, we focus on a different letter.  My students get a special "dictionary page" where they may choose 3 different pictures of objects that begin with that sound, illustrate it, and label it.

I LOVE these cute graphics soooo much!

We create the book using the "dictionary pages" included in this set:

This set is on SALE this week!

How To Begin:

I teach ALL of the letters from the very first week using Heidi's Songs, Zoo Phonics, and Letterland, a UK publication that I picked up while traveling through Norther Ireland.

Then, we focus on an individual letter each week.  At first, I put out pictures of objects only that begin with the focus letter.  Students choose 3 pictures, illustrate them on their "dictionary page" and color them in.  Adding blue background with the sides of broken blue crayons really makes these pages pop.  
The set comes with 3 picture cards for each letter of the alphabet.
They fit perfectly on the dictionary pages.

My set of dictionary pages and picture cards comes with black and white AND color dictionary pages.  The colored set is great for samples.  You can attach colored images to that page as a sample for your students.  I add these picture cards to sets of cards I have made using old phonics books.

My students and I found these images and made more picture cards to add to our sets.

Each page comes in color and in black & white
and has 2 landscape style frames and one portrait.

Moving Ahead The Common Core Way:

This activity addressees Common Core standard RF.K.3  Phonics and Word Recognition.

After the first couple of weeks, I mix in picture cards that do not begin with the focus sound.  Then, students must say the name of the object and determine whether or not that word begins with the focus letter.  

Extending The Learning:

Set up a center filled with magazines and toy catalogs where students can cut out pictures and add them to a zip-lock bag labeled with an initial sound.  Glue the individual pictures to construction paper cards and label them with the object's name.  

Adding The Alphabet Chants:

Each week, my students get a poem that features each focus letter.  These poems, filled with alliteration, is the perfect place to hunt for the uppercase and lowercase focus letters.  The words are written in a dotted font, so students can easily trace over ONLY the focus letters with a fine tipped marking pen.  

These pocket pages create our alphabet book.

Then, they are glued to the pockets flap, the dictionary page is glued inside the pocket, and special craftivities and phonics headbands fit nicely in the pockets.  

You can get the entire set of whimsical poems by CLICKING HERE or on the image below:

Two poems are printed on each page, so just print, cut, and go.

You can grab this set while it's on SALE this week by 

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