Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sprinkle A Little Pumpkin Spice on your November Calendar

Nov. Calendar Fun:

I use these calendar templates with my TK and K students.

Each month, my class makes a calendar.  They trace the dotted font, create an AB color pattern on the dates, and create a FUN calendar topper.

The pumpkin spice is drying on the 3 blobs of glue at the top of the pie.

This month, we made a pumpkin pie to go on the top half of our calendar.  The FUN part was when we sprinkled Pumpkin Spice on the pie. 

We just placed 3 dots of glue on the pie vents and sprinkles some Pumpkin Spice on the glue so our pumpkin pie will smell spicy when we take it home.

You can find my calendar templates for 2014-15 by clicking RIGHT HERE.  You get a set with some numbers in a dotted font (the amount of numbers in a dotted font increases each month) and a set with blank date boxes.  

Click the calendar.

Click the calendar.

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See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


  1. Palma, I am in LOVE with this idea!!! I love how you had them shake on some "pumpkin spice"! Too cute!!!

  2. Thank you, Hadar! We put some pumpkin spice in the paint at the painting easel too. In Dec we add peppermint extract and gingerbread spice to the paint. Thank you for your comment! <3 Palma :)