Monday, October 27, 2014

Time For Number Lines & a FREEBIE or 2

My Attendance Number Line:

Once you take attendance, allow the children to use it as a center.  They can remove the cards, mix them up, and try to put them back on the clothesline in order.  They can also play "Which number is missing?"

Students slip their folded cards onto the clothesline.
As students come up to place their card, they have to look at the cards
already on the clothesline and decide where to place their card.  

As my students arrive in the morning, they pick up their number card and place it on the giant number line.  

I store the cards in this box.  Before the students arrive, I scatter the cards on a table.
They look for their card and place it on the number line where they think it should go.

It's Easy To Make One:

I picked up a synthetic rope at the 99 cent store and I attached it to the side of my Discovery Center counter with these little screws with circles on the ends of them.

You can check out my fancy knot work.  :oD

It looks like the perfect place for such a long number line.

If you don't have a space big enough for cards, you can also pick up some colored clothespins at the 99 cent store and write the students' numbers on them.  I would write it on the top and then flip it over and write it near the opposite end up-side-down just in case the clothespin swings down and hangs from the clothesline. 

Higher Level Thinking At Its Best:

It's great to see them re-adjust the numbers already on the clothesline as they figure out where to place their own number.

"This is where the 7 goes, after the six."

They work together to problem solve so all of the numbers fit on the clothesline.

"You should put the 9 right before the 10 because nine comes before ten."

The Cards:

You can make your own cards on a computer.  Just remember to fold them like the photo below and not evenly in half.  They are easier to slip on and stay on the clothesline better that way.

You can store them in a little container like this one, or place them in your students' cubbies before school.  

You might like:

Number formation cards.  Print & laminate and you have a great practice card to use with DRY ERASE MARKERS.  It's easy to print when the pen glides smoothly over the lamination.  A quick erase and you are ready for the next student.

We used the straight "4" and the straight "9" instead of the pointy 4 and curvy 9.
Click the image to get see this set in our TPT store.  

Here are 2 FREEBIES:

Here is a set of number line cards that are perfect for folding and placing on your own clothesline.  They go from 0-100 so print as many or as few as you like:  CLICK HERE.

CLICK the image to get the FREE set.

Here is a set of our small perfect number cards.  You can give a set to your students to arrange, in order, on the carpet so you can see if they can order numbers, or use them as flashcards.  This set goes from 0-30.  You will love the fours and the nines.  :)

Click the image to grab your FREEBIE.

Check out my:

(Tons of FREE ideas.)

(Oh, the ideas on these boards!)

TeAcHeRs PaY TeAcHeRs:
(Did you say, "15 freebies?!")

See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


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