Monday, October 27, 2014

Please Come to My Party...

Thank you, I will if you invite...

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Do you love the story,  Witch, Which Come To My Party, as much as I do?  

It's by Arden Druce and illustrated by Pat Ludlow.

The illustrations are amazing and the story creates a "circle story" that ends up exactly where it began.

The illustrations are filled with hidden clues like the wolf hiding behind the tree.

My kids made their own version...

 ... to take home and read to their parents.  

But wait... you don't have to stick with the Halloween theme.  You can choose ANY THEME:
Thanksgiving, Christmas, any holiday, any story, nursery rhyme characters.  The choices are endless.

Here is an example of our Halloween theme:

Click the image.

They got to choose any characters they wanted, I wrote them down on lined Post-its, and they copied and illustrated.  

The pumpkin wanted to invite the cat, and the vampire wanted to invite the skeleton.

Since I am teaching a TK/K combination class, the T.K. kids got to create only 3 pages and the kindergarten kids got to create 5 pages.  Each character invites a new character, but the last one invites the very first character so the story can start all over again.  
They had so much fun thinking up new characters to invite.

The best part was that we got to have a nice discussion about CHARACTERS.  

We were able to complete 3-5 pages in a 30 minute small group setting.  Then, they got to read their own story to a friend before taking it home.  It was a huge hit!

Here are the new templates I made for you:

Click the image.

Just imagine writing this book with a nursery rhyme theme:  
"Jack, Jack, please come to my party."  "Thank you, I will, if you invite Jill."
"Jill, Jill, please come to my party."  "Thank you, I will, if you invite Little Bo Peep."
"Bo Peep, Bo Peep, please come to my party."  "Thank you, I will, if you invite Little Boy Blue."

You get the idea  :o)

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