Friday, October 24, 2014

All of This For 1 Dollar Each?

Our Best "What Do You See" Books are 60-75% off:

My students LOVE to complete these FUN books and all three of them are on sale for $1.00 each!

They are filled with counting, numeral writing, and color word recognition skills.  

This one is about colorful characters
who come to a Halloween party.

Students fill in the color word on each page.Click the images.

This book lets students count the
Thanksgiving images and write the
number of objects in each set.

This counting book goes to five.
Click the image.

This book lets students count the Christmas holiday
images and write the number of objects
they see in each set.  

This counting book goes up to sets of ten.
Click the image.

All of these books are great for students to take home 
and read to their families.  

Grab 'em while you can.

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(Oh, the ideas on these boards!)

TeAcHeRs PaY TeAcHeRs:
(Did you say, "15 freebies?!")

See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


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