Friday, May 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday That's Worth Waiting Until Friday For :) + A FREEBIE

Do You Celebrate Kindergarten or T.K. Graduation?:

Even if you just have an end-of-the-year celebration, this is a cute song to sing for the parents.  
(See how to change this song for Pre-K or TK graduation below.)

I bind my books at the bottom so I can just let the pages fall when I need to go to the next page.This works great when you are holding the book up in front of the entire class and you don't want to have to fumble with 2 hands, to turn the page.  
Print a copy of our cute song, download an instrumental version of "It's A Small World" from iTunes, and you are ready for your kindergarten graduation.  Kids love this familiar tune.

Find The Music On iTunes:

You can find an instrumental version of the song on iTunes for $1.99 or less, but try to find one that's not too fast.  The one I use is pretty fast and the kids love it, but I struggle to turn the pages fast enough for them!  That's why I like to bind the book at the bottom and just let gravity help me to turn to the next page by simply dropping the page we are on.  :oD

You can download the words to the song here on our TPT store.
Here are the first two pages of the song:

You can see the rest of the song by clicking the image
above and downloading it from my TPT store.  :)

And here is the chorus:

Changing it up for Pre-K or T.K. Graduation:

You can simply change the line that says "We will soon be in 1st grade!" to "We will soon be in grade K!" or "We'll soon be kindergarteners!"  Have fun with it.  :)

An End-of-the-year FREEBIE:

You might also like our FREE End of the Year Candle Poem.  
We attach the poem to a candle made from their kindergarten crayons.

See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


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