Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beautiful Mother's Day Gifts

This Year's Gift:

Here are two samples of the hats my students made a couple of years ago.
They were given 20 cents to "buy" decorations for their hats.

This year, we are making beautiful Mother's Day hats with my T.K. kids.  

As the children "buy" the decorations for their Mother's Day hats they will be reading numbers on the price tags, adding up the price of the decorations, and practicing fluency in addition.  All of these are Common Core skills.  :)

Here's How To Make These Hats:

What you need:  
                           2 different colored squares of butcher paper (24" X 24") per child.
                           White glue and water
                           A large brush
                           2 large bowls that will nest (1 inside the other) 
                           that is about the size of a head
                           Decorations like silk flowers, pom-pons, trims, buttons, 
                           glitter, and feathers
Make a mixture of 60% white glue and 40% water.
Write the child's name on the bottom of the base sheet.  

The student paints the glue mixture onto the base sheet of butcher paper and
lays the 2nd piece of butcher paper on top.  Smooth out the wrinkles.

Place the glued paper over a large salad bowl like the one above.

Press the larger bowl over the paper and press down.
Then, have the student begin to crunch up the sides and roll them toward the bowl.

The student should continue to roll up the sides
until the hat is the desiredshape and size.
  Then, remove both bowls and
set the hat aside to dry overnight.  
The following day, set up a table with items the children may "buy" for their hats.  I call students up 2 at a time and I give the first child 20 cents.  All of the decorations are priced 1 cent to 5 cents.  The student makes choices and the coins are counted out as they are spent.  The 2nd child gets a turn after watching the 1st child (so they already know what they want to purchase) and the 1st child gets another child for me.  I continue this rotation until everyone has shopped.  Students take their purchase to their table where they glue the items on with white glue.

These look great on all of the moms if you are having a Mother's Day Tea.  :)

Last Year We Made Beaded Necklaces:

I'll blog about those tomorrow.
See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)


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