Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Cutest Tool EVER To Teach Sequencing From These Famous Books...

There Was An Old Lady Who...

We all have one, or several, of these "There Was An Old Lady..." books.  But how do you bring them to life?

You turn the clothespin bag into an old lady!

Well I picked up one of these clothes pin holders.  (I'm so old that I actually used these when I was a kid when I hung the wash out for my mom.)

The opening becomes her mouth and you can decorate her with anything you have on hand.
I have used this "well-loved" old lady for years!

You can even create hands and feet from construction paper and just laminate them for durability.

Remember, she is old, so give her some gray or white (cotton balls?) hair, maybe some glasses, and just go crazy with your glue gun.

Make colored copies of the things she ate on white card stock, laminate the pieces, and let your kids put them into her mouth as you read the story!  Number the back of each piece for a sequencing activity.   Store each set in its own Zip-lock bag.

You can find loads of other cool, no-cost or $5.00 or less, ideas on our Pinterest Boards.
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Remember to "keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals" and 
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