Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Week... ideas for next year AND a follow-up idea for this coming week!

We had a GREAT Halloween Week.

I must remember to do these things again next year!
This week's follow-up project is at the bottom. 

A Fun Halloween Treat:

The week began with a birthday celebration.  A wonderful parent brought these in for her child's birthday.  She made them out of oranges and filled them with fresh fruit salad.  Yum!

 We enjoyed this treat while working on our "Seed to Pumpkin" sequence.


Such cute treats!

 The next day, we had our Halloween Parade!

Everyone brought in a costume.

Each child got to choose a rhythm instrument for the parade.

We marched through the school playing our musical instruments.

We went into almost every classroom playing our musical instruments.

About 100 students marched for about 30 minutes.

Then we had our witch's brew.
(Warm apple juice poured over dry ice.)

That night, I took the rest of the green pool noodle 
that we used to make our 5 Little Pumpkins and I cut them into two legs.  
I put socks and shoes on them and tucked the tops under our rug by the front doors.

My dear hubby did NOT notice this when he came downstairs in the morning!
If you missed the post about the 5 Little Pumpkins, CLICK HERE.

We tucked them under the garage door after I pulled the car out:

Anyway, back at school....

The following day, we were off to the pumpkin patch!

Our local pumpkin patch has been a favorite for years and years.

We learned about how pumpkins grow.

And we learned about how corn grows.

We got to see the pumpkins growing in the fields.

 We met a great big cow!

        We got to see an emu too.

                        And we got to see a great big turkey.

Last, we got to play on the stacks of hay.

If you liked our ideas, you can do them next year.  :)
And remember to grab out Halloween Book.  
You can use it this coming week as a follow-up to Halloween:
Click any of the images to find the link.
Here are a few more images from this cute book:

Tell us about the fun things you did on Halloween week.
 See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)
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  1. Hopped over from your post at TBR...I'll be at the CA Conference MLK weekend! Can't wait!

    1. Yikes! My 6th secret tip posts @ 12:00 AM PST and TBR posted @ 12:00 AM EST, so they weren't synced until now! So sorry for the time confusion on my part. I scheduled them to both post @ 12 without noticing the time zone difference. :o/ Anyway, can't wait to see everyone at CKA (PK1) over MLK weekend. We are presenting on math (Addition Magician, Subtraction Reaction) and we will have a booth too. I'll also be presenting 4 sessions at I Teach K in Las Vegas on July 9. :)