Friday, November 29, 2013

And The Sales Just Keep On Coming!

1st Sale:  

OK, so you know about our 1st sale:  
Our entire TPT store is on sale for 20% off 
from Black Friday, Nov. 29 through Sunday, Dec. 1. 

Click on the image to see our TPT store.

Well, just when you thought you could relax we decided to extend our sale, but with a little twist.

2nd Sale:

Our entire TPT store will be on sale for 19% off 
from Cyber Monday, Dec. 2 through Tuesday, Dec. 3!

Here is how it works:
We are offering 10% off of EVERYTHING in our TPT store on Dec. 2-3.
TPT is offering an additional 10% off when you enter the code "CYBER" during checkout.  
(If you take the 2nd 10% off of the discounted price after taking off the 1st 10%, it equals 19%.)

Here is the link to our store.

So fill up those carts and start shopping!  :)
And remember to ask parents for TPT gift certificates instead of a holiday gift this year.  You'll be glad you did.

See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)


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