Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Holiday Counting Book From 1-10 and a Great Throwback Thursday!

A Christmas Counting Book:

Christmas Counting Fun!
This counting book will have your students counting sets of 1-10 Christmas themed icons.

Such a fun way to address Common Core Reading Foundational Standards and Math Counting And Cardinality!  

Your students read the predictable text (which includes sight words and phonetic text), they count the sets, fill in the numerals, and then re-read the story to a partner.

It's perfect for Pre-K, T.K, kindergarten, Special Ed., and General Ed.  :)

Click any of the images for the download. 

Here is a "Throwback Thursday" for you:

You might also like this set of winter icons to use on your class graph or to motivate opinion writing:

Click the image for the download.
Your students can dress up like the graphing icons and you can use the photographs directly on the class graph, or as a springboard for opinion writing:  Which would you rather be:  A reindeer, and elf, a gingerbread man, or a snowman?
Click any of the photos for the download.


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