Monday, August 5, 2013

My Favorite Pins From Pinterest

ThEsE  aRe  A  fEw  oF  mY  fAvOrItE  pInS:

I saw this cute fine-motor idea on Pinterest and decided to incorporate it into my classroom as a center.
You can add a number tag to the end of each piece of yarn.
Students can use the other end of the yarn for weaving in
number order.
I picked up this little rack for 50 cents at a swap meet last week.  You can use a cake cooling rack too.

I added roving yarn (in rainbow colors) and taped the ends so they won't unravel.
Tape the ends really well.
Masking tape might work better.
I was thinking that colored shoelaces would be GREAT for this.

The rack keeps one set of bars from moving, so the kids can really weave without all of the frustration that paper weaving causes.
You can also use square cake racks.

Another Pinterest Pin:  The number line in a zipper baggie is so stinkin' cute!
Students move the zipper along the number line!
I found these iPhones on Pinterest for free!
Click the image to grab this freebie.

I also loved these iPhones.  I printed them, glued them to white card stock or black construction paper depending on whether they were white or black iPhones.  I cut out little gray apples by using my Cricut machine on the smallest setting.  After I cut the apples, I hand-cut the bite out of each one and glued them to the back.  Then, I laminated them and gave the students dry erase pens and set them loose.  :)
It's a great way to introduce new sight words.
They wrote their sight words or a short sentence using their sight words.
This student was copying sight word sentences.

Then, they texted their words or sentences.

They LoVeD this activity!
This student wrote his own sentence.
My favorite pin was one of my very first pins.  It's the file folder organizer made out of a dish rack.  I put cute file folders in mine and I use it during Parent/Teacher conferences.  The utensil holder holds my pens and my iPhone (on silent).
These racks came in red, white, and black @ Walmart.

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See you tomorrow for more classroom ideas!
Palma :)


  1. Those are lots of great ideas! Thanks! I pinned them!

  2. Thank you, Heidi! I worked in my classroom ALL DAY today until 8:30 PM. School starts next week.
    So many pins... so little time! :oD