Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gotta Love That Dollar Spot! (And a Secret Sale.)

Classroom Set up #6:
Today I want to share the loot I bought for my classroom and a Secret One Day Sale.
Here are the things I picked up at Target's Dollar Spot this week:

The big handprints will go on my door after I label each one with a sight word.  As the kids enter or exit, I call out a sight word for each child to slap.  These will replace the ones I had on my door last year which were made from a die cut hand.

Check out the tine dry erase magnets.  They have a little tab at the top that I will cut off since it's just a magnetic sheet and can be easily cut with scissors.

Each child will get one in their carpet kit along with a mini dry erase pen.  I don't expect them to write within the small lines, but they can just write a letter or number that goes along with whatever we are doing.  Since they are magnetic, they can come up and place their little card on the magnetic board at the front of the room.  They can each write one letter of a CVC word or we can build a sentence with each child writing one of the words.

I also found these cute, little dry erase erasers.  You get 2 for $1.

And check out those textured balls in the photo below.  They will go in my art center where the children can roll them in a little paint on a paper plate an then on paper.

And did you check out the cute name tags back in the 1st photo.  I use these for all sorts of things like sight words and classroom signs.
When I use them as name tags, I keep a set on my front table so I can use them to take attendance.  That works great if you have a sub too.

I also like to call each child up as I print his/her name name on the card with white glue.  Then, the child sprinkles powdered Jell-o on the glue.  We shake off the excess Jell-o and let the glue dry.
The next day, they are amazed to find their name looking so bright and smelling so wonderful!
I let them "scratch and sniff" their name as part of our 5 senses unit.  They can see it, smell it, feel it, hear it (when they scratch it), but they don't get to taste it.

Here is another great use for name tags:

 Each day, as we look at each name, we look for a different letter.

 On the first day, we look for A and a.  On the 2nd day, we look for B and b, etc.  

If we find a name with the letter we are looking for, we write it in our Letter Name Book and we circle the letter we were looking for.

We count up the letters we were looking for on each day and we write that number at the top of the page.  (There is a box provided for this.)

Then, we review each page, comparing the number at the top of each page and we compose verbal sentences using the words more, less, and equal.  Example:  We had more A's than B's.  We had less B's than C's.  We had an equal amount of C's and D's.

You can find our Letter Name Book here.
There is a pagefor each letter.
It is also part of our Beginning of the Year Bundle which is on sale for today only! 
There are so manythings in this bundle!
 It's a $19 value that we usually sell for $15, but since tomorrow, August 4, is my 40th wedding anniversary, I am offering this bundle for $10, but only on Sunday, Aug. 4!!!  That's 40 years divided by 4 (for Aug. 4th) = 10.

See you all tomorrow for more fun finds.
Palma :)


  1. Hey Palma! I met with Channon today about the upcoming conference for SCKC and she suggested I contact you for advice. Can you email me when you get a chance??

  2. Sure! SCKC should be fun this year! :)